Medieval Fortress Ramparts in Baiona

Baiona from the ramparts of the Parador

Parador of Baiona, Galicia, Spain

Baiona Parador ramparts

Baiona Parador ramparts – an afternoon from our 3 Nights in Pontevedra

Who doesn’t like a fort? The medieval Monterreal Fortress turned modern Parador wasn’t originally on our leisurely driving tour south of Pontevedra. A stop at a cafe in Cangas looking out over the Ria de Vigo decided us, and off we went to see the Fortress turned Parador of Baiona. The extensive ramparts are easily walked, with terrific views from it’s location completely encompassing the Monte Boi peninsula. Of course we had to see the beautiful interior of the luxurious Parador too, with it’s massive stone stairway and original stone-domed ceiling. What started out as an impromptu destination turned out to be the highlight of the day.

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