Panorama View from the Illa de Arousa Nature Preserve

Illa de Arousa Parque Natural de Carrieron

Parque Natural de Carreiron, Illa de Arousa, Galicia, Spain

Parque Natural de Carreiron

Parque Natural de Carreiron – an excursion on our 3 Nights in Pontevedra itinerary

The serene Parque Natural de Carreirón occupies the entire southern tip of the island Illa de Arousa in the heart of the Ria de Arousa. The park is a protected intertidal wetland, important for the conservation of many species of migrating and wintering birds.

With only a couple of days to explore the Rias Baixas, starting the day with a walk in the preserve was the perfect beginning to get a little exercise before a sightseeing-and-stopping driving tour. We zipped up the inland route from Pontevedra to the island preserve for an easy hour and a half hike along the shoreline around the reserve. The walk had beautiful views of the Ria along with rocky shores, calm sandy beaches, groves of pine trees, and…about 3 other people around. A perfect start to a day exploring the unique landscapes and towns of the Rias Baixas in Galicia.

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