Photo Series: Casa Dali in Portlligat

Casa Dali in Portlligat

Portlligat, Catalonia, Spain

I’d never known much about Salvador Dali…then I watched a DVD “The Dali Dimension: Decoding the Mind of a Genius.” Wow, he was really interesting! He read and conversed about physics, science, and psychoanalysis. Knowing something about the artist made visiting the house where he lived and worked for almost 40 years a terrific excursion from Girona in our 4 days on the Costa Brava.

The house started out as just a fisherman’s hut, added to over the years by connecting other huts and building other parts in stages. The multi-level house is a labyrinth with small odd angled rooms and windows and lots of small stairs from one level to another. The guided tour only takes about 30-40 minutes, after which you can take your time on the outside to see the tower and second studio Dali had built, ending in the bizarre pool area.

Fishing boats in Portlligat

Fishing boats in Portlligat on the dock outside of Dali’s house

Salvador Dali studio

Salvador Dali studio

Dali designed the movable framework where he mounted his huge canvases. The large windows have beautiful views of Portlligat.

Casa Dali upper level of the studio

Salvador Dali upper level of the studio

Casa Dali library and living room

Casa Dali library and living room

The library

Part of the library and stairs up to the bedroom

Mirror reflects the sunrise

Mirror reflects the sunrise

Dining room

Little niches, fireplaces, and original furnishings throughout the house


Dali and Gala’s Bedroom

Oval entertaining room

Oval entertaining room, featuring interesting acoustics

Garden patio

Garden patio

Tile man in the olive grove

Found art creation in the olive grove

Casa Dali second studio

The second studio in the garden

Casa Dali Pool

Interesting shape for the pool

Pool panorama

Pool panorama

Pool lounge

One of the pool lounge areas

Casa Dali pool art installations

Pool art installations

Casa Dali Pirelli lounge

Casa Dali Pirelli lounge with Mae West inspired lips


Inspiring Portlligat

There’s a lot more to see – a peek into the bathrooms, the kitchen, the closet space plastered with photos of Dali and Gala’s life, and up and down stairs to roped off rooms. Dali fan or not, you won’t be disappointed with a visit to the house where he lived and worked for so many years.


  • Casa Dali in Portlligat
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