Picturesque Sa Tuna on the Costa Brava

Aiguafreda to Sa Tuna coastal footpath

Sa Tuna, Costa Brava, Spain

On this wildly windy day the Costa Brava, or Wild Coast, lived up to it’s name. We walked the delightful coastal footpath from the small rocky beach called Aiguafreda to the charming village of Sa Tuna. The historic path wound up and down stone staircases cut into the rocky cliffs with gorgeous views of the rough coastline. In several places the path wound around the outside of the whitewashed walls or foundations of the houses next to it, with sturdy wood rails to prevent a slip down to the rough coast below.

A little farther on the path past the Sa Tuna beach is the viewpoint Mirador de Sa Tuna where we turned around to return the way we came. My favorite of our 3 walks on the coastal trails, this one had it all – an interesting and historic path, fantastic views of the wild coast and a picturesque village.

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