Spectacular Picos – Overnight in Fuente Dé

Picos from El Cable

Fuente Dé

Parador de Fuente Dé, An overnight in a spacious room with a view and a little balcony, the rate included breakfast. We loved it, if staying another night had been an option for us we would have.

Tip: Ask for tickets to the funicular when you check in at the Parador and save €5-6. The tickets will be added to the room bill.

After checking in and getting tickets to the funicular, we zipped up to the top in just a few minutes. The view to the Cantabrian mountains from the top of El Cable is spectacular.

Valley of Fuente Dé

Valley of Feunte Dé

Even though it was after 3:00pm we had plenty of time to do a little hike as far as the snow toward the Pass of Horcados Rojos and back down by the beautiful lagoons of Lloroza, full of water from the melted snow. Everywhere you turned was one gorgeous view after another. Pics don’t do the Picos justice.

Picos - Lagoons of Lloroza

Picos – Lagoons of Lloroza

The outdoor balcony of the cafeteria at the top of El Cable was a picture perfect relaxing break for a Café cortado (Spanish equivalent to the Italian caffè macchiato).

Top of El Cable

The top of El Cable at Feunte de

Back down to the valley and dinner in Cosgaya

We’d worked up an appetite and headed toward Cosgaya in the evening for dinner, but were about an hour too early – dinner service in this area doesn’t start until 8:30pm! Whiled away the time with some vino tinto and olives on the outdoor deck of El Urogallo.

Great Eats: Restaurant El Urogallo, in the Alojamiento (Casa Rural) La Casona de Cosgaya. Terrific game meats, we had a Roe Deer and Beans, Risotto Verdura, and thin steaks of battered and fried venison with a side of fries. Desert was simply called “chocolate cake” but, oh boy, it was much much more than that! Delicious end to beautiful day.

Leaving Fuente Dé

The area was beautiful but we only had 1 night. Rather than take a long drive over the pass we chose the scenic Panes to Cangas road AS-114 with a stop at the monastery Saint Toribio of Liebana, just a little bit west of Potes. The monastery was quite interesting, with a fabulous shrine containing what is reputed to be the largest fragment of the True Cross! It WAS huge, and when the priest brought it out to prepare for a religious tour group that was coming in, we were THAT close to it.

Travel: Drive from Fuente Dé to Cangas de Onis – 2 hours.

Have you been to the top of El Cable in Fuente dé? Did you find it spectacular too?

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