Deck the (Gambling) Halls! Christmas in Las Vegas

Bellagio Conservatory

Las Vegas – 24/7 sparkle, glitz, and glitter and a terrific place to spend the Christmas holiday – even if you (shhh!) don’t gamble. This year we had a chance to see how the casinos decked the halls with even more sparkle with some gorgeous Holiday displays. No surprise, the top decorations are at the Bellagio and the Wynn – these two luxury casinos have the best decor any time of the year and their holiday displays were no exception.


Animated trains going round and round, fabulous flower polar bears, huge tin soldiers, ornaments hanging from the ceiling, and an enormous tree with elves placing the final ornaments from ladders, it’s a winter wonderland in the Bellagio Conservatory for the Holiday season.

bellagio botanic garden

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in the daytime

bellagio snow globe

One of the 12 foot high animated snow globes

A tiny toy train runs around the snow globe displays, with a camera on the front the train so you can see the tiny conductor’s eye view of the route – and the people – from screens set up all around the indoor garden.

bellagio snow globe

12 foot high, 8 feet wide Snow globes

The indoor gardens are beautiful in the daytime, but just delightful at night when you can really appreciate all the lights and the glass ceiling illumination changing between red, green and blue.

Bellagio elves

Bellagio elves

Bellagio tree

Bellagio 42 foot high White Fir tree with 7,000 twinkling lights and 2,500 beautiful ornaments

The wonderful display of flower artistry continues with a family of Polar Bears frolicking among icebergs, the Polar Bear cubs are covered in hundreds of stems of white Hydrangeas.

Bellagio polar bear family

Bellagio Polar Bear family, the Papa Polar bear in his blue scarf covered in 500 stems of white hydrangea

Bellagio polar bear cub

Bellagio Polar Bear cubs covered in 180 stems of white hydrangea

The entire Conservatory is filled with an amazing amount of Poinsettias, Azaleas, Cyclamen and Mums for the holidays – 34,000! But you’ll have to be quick if you want to see it, the exhibit will be entirely new January 2.

Fun Facts from the Bellagio website: Total plants and shrubs on display: 750, Total trees on display: 25, Total flowers: 34,000

When you’re through wandering the winter wonderland inside, stroll out to see beautiful Bellagio dancing fountains. Every 15 minutes you’re treated to a spectacular unique show with the fountain and light performance timed to the music playing through speakers positioned all around the huge lake. You may hear any variety of music – jazz, opera and songs for the season like It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…it’s easy to spend some time watching one show after another.

Tip: Bellagio fountains showtimes are every 15 minutes 8pm-midnight, other times are generally every 1/2 hour. Start times depend on the day of the week, but you’ll want to see them at night for the most spectacular effect.

Fountains of Bellagio

Bellagio Fountains with the Paris Casino across The Strip in the background


Doing a Casino Trek is one of my favorite things to do in Las Vegas, and seeking out the holiday decorations was another excuse to go in and out of every casino on The Strip, plus get some exercise – before you know it you’ve had a great time and walked miles and miles.

The Wynn is always gorgeous to see, especially the indoor garden with it’s permanent flowery display of an animated Carousel and a Hot Air Balloon. Additions for the Holiday season are delightful tiny fantasy castles, each with a tiny fairy tale and many with a tiny animation.

Moluccas Castle

Wynn castle and ferris wheel

Wynn tiny castle of Moluccas and tiny animated ferris wheel

“Moluccas – Famed for the Annual Ice Masters’ Sculpture Carnival, this capital of legends lies on the Great Frozen Sea”

Blefuscu Castle

Wynn castle and train

Wynn tiny castle of Blefuscu complete with tiny animated toy train

“Blefuscu – A Royal town home to many queens but only one King, one Jack, and a very busy Ace”

Waggywach Castle

“Waggywach – A kingdom high on a mountain top where whirly’s are powered by the warm breath of golden dragons in the valley below”

Fremont Street Experience

Heading to downtown Las Vegas to see the Mob Museum, Fremont Street is only a couple of blocks away and always fun to stroll to see the fantastic sound and light show on the world’s largest video screen – 1500 foot long and 90 feet overhead. Check out the Zip Line fliers zooming by under the canopy in the video. Would you love to do this Zip Line?

The music selections may be anything, we watched and listened to one of my favorites – Pinball Wizard by The Who, and there’s always something fitting for the season.

Tip: The sound and light show starts at 6pm and are the top of the hour every hour. Don’t miss it when you’re downtown!

Christmas in Las Vegas? Heck yes, it was wonderful! How about you? Where do you like to spend the Holidays?

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