Christmas Eve in Robolights Land

Dinosaur Christmas balloon at Robolights

A Trip Through an Alien Robot Santaland in Palm Springs

If you’ve grown up celebrating Christmas, you know that a favorite holiday tradition is driving through decorated neighborhoods to look at the Christmas lights. Well, hold on to your Santa hats! You’ve never seen a light display, let alone an alien Robot Christmas-y fantasy land, like Robolights in Palm Springs.

Robolights in Palm Springs

Giant robots on the corner; Glimpses of an Alien Robot fantasy land from the street

Giant robots on the corner of a large property was my first beguiling glimpse of the art of Kenny Irwin, Jr. The property is in the Movie Colony Estates neighborhood, home to famous mid-century modern homes like the Frank Sinatra Twin Palms estate right around the corner.

4 acres filled with huge installations created from found objects, Robolights comes to life in the holiday season with animated carousels, music and 11.7 MILLION lights.

Christmas Eve at Robolights

Christmas Eve at Robolights



Kenny Irwin’s art is created from just about everything – found or donated vehicles, metal, plastic and electronic items – like CRT monitors that create heads for reindeer and feet for huge robot horses.

Don’t expect all sweet bunnies, candy canes and Christmas carols though. Many of the artist’s creations are bizarre and some more than a little ghoulish clown-creepy. Think Twilight Zone meets American Horror Story.

Robot reindeer pulling alien Santa sleigh

Robot reindeer pulling alien gun-toting Santa sleigh with a giant snake created from tiles twining through

Recurring themes are guns-and-Santas, creepy clowns (but clowns were always creepy, weren’t they?), and skulls. You just can’t stop looking.  And there’s a LOT to look at as you wander through the paths around the house, over a bridge through a holiday lit arbor tunnel, by a pond filled with inflatable swans, past animated carousels, and in and out of all types of fantastic pieces, crazy skull theme rooms, and gigantic robot structures. Even if some of the themes aren’t your style, you can’t help but admire the brilliant creations and the energy and artistry it took to populate this mad alien Santa fantasy land.

Rabbit reindeer at Robolights

Rabbit reindeer at the Mongolian Easter Bunny animated installation

Alien mannequin reindeer pulling enormous Santa carriage

Alien mannequin reindeer pulling enormous gun toting Santa carriage

Robot clown carousel

Robot clown carousel giving strange characters a ride

Hound heads in toilets pulling sleigh

Hound heads in toilets pulling sleigh

Alien rollercoaster at Robolights

Alien rollercoaster at Robolights

Robolights creations

Kenny Irwin Jr.’s Robolights creations

Giant found art horse at Robolights

Giant found art horse

Muslim Santa

Muslim Santa

Robolights santas and ronald mcdonald

Some of the Robolights Santas; Ronald McDonald

Millions of lights illuminating Robolights

Millions of lights illuminating Robolights

A walk through Robolights is fascinating, fun, and the most unusual Christmas Eve I’ve ever spent. Worth the trip to Palm Springs just to see it!


Check the Robolights Facebook Page for opening hours, typically open only during the holiday season the end of November through first week of January. Donations at the door.

Have you ever seen anything like Robolights?

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