A Vaporetto Trip Down the Grand Canal

1998 05 20 Venice view toward Santa Maria della Salute from the Accademia bridge

A trip back in time, the Grand Canal in 1998!
Our introduction to Venice was in 1998 when we strolled out of the Santa Lucia train station to the Vaporetto (bus boat) stop outside and hopped on to see the magic that is Venice from the Grand Canal.

Around Vaporetto stops Ca’ d’Oro and Rialto

Rialto markets
Rialto fish and produce markets – Mercato di Rialto

Vaporetto Stop – Ca’ d’Oro

Looking across the canal from the Ca’d’Oro stop you have a view of the Venice markets. The Venice fish market is in the building with arches on the right – and the open air fruit and vegetable market on the left.

There’s a traghetto crossing before the Mercato Rialto stop, which is right in front of the produce market

Beyond the open air produce market is the building Fabbriche Nuove di Rialto


Rialto markets
Mercato Rialto

Vaporetto Stop – Mercato Rialto

View of the Venice Fish and Produce market in the morning

The Mercato Rialto stop is in front of the open air market. Across the canal you can see Ca’d’Oro and the Ca’d’Oro valporetto stop. The palace to the right of Ca’ d’Oro is Palazzo Morosini-Sagredo.

Rialto bridge
Rialto Bridge 15888

Vaporetto Stop – Rialto

Looking back down the canal you can see the Vaporetto stop Rialto on the right. The pink building on the right is Palazzo Bembo, beyond it is Palazzo Dolfin Manin (Hotel Palazzini Grassi) and then the Rialto vaporetto stop.

Next to the Rialto bridge on the right is Hotel Rialto. Behind it you can see the San Bartolomeo bell tower.

Between Vaporetto stops Ca’ Rezzonico and Accademia

Between Ca' Rezzonico and Accademia
Palaces between Ca’Rezzonico and Accademia

View from the Accademia bridge toward Ca’Rezzonico

on the left side of the canal –
Palazzo Querini
Palazzo Contarini degli Scrigni
Palazzo Contarini Corfu
Palazzo Loredan dell’Ambasciotore (government)
Palazzo Moro (Palazzo Farsetti?) (government)
Palazzo di Madame Stern (hotel)
Palazzo Contarini-Michiel
Galleria Ca’Rezzonico

The only building you can see on the right is Palazzo Giustinian-Lolin


Between Vaporetto stops Accademia and Santa Santa Maria del Giglio

Between Accademia and Santa Maria del Giglio
Between Accademia and Santa Maria del Giglio


From the Accademia bridge

Looking toward Santa Maria della Salute off in the distance, the Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti is the first palace on the left. Palazzo Barbaro is next to it.

Further up the canal on the right is Palazzo Barbarigo

Mosaics on Palazzo Barbarigo
Palazzo Barbarigo


Palazzo Barbarigo

16th Century palace on the Grand Canal, decorated with mosaics of Murano glass that were applied in 1886 by the then owners, a family of Murano glassmakers.

Palazzi Barbarigo, Mura and Loredan
Palazzi Barbarigo, Mura and Loredan

Looking back toward the Accademia bridge, view of Palazzo Barbarigo between Palazzo Mura on the left, and across a small canal Palazzo Loredan on the right.


Between Vaporetto stops Salute, Santa Santa Maria del Giglio and Valaresso

Palazzo Badoer Tiepolo
Palazzo Badoer Tiepolo – Westin Europa

Palazzo Badoer Tiepolo

Palazzo Badoer is now the Westin Europa & Regina Hotel, across the Grand Canal from Santa Maria della Salute.

To the right of the Westin Europa is Palazzo Treves de Fonfili

Vaporetto Stops

  • Ferrovia – The train station railway
    • Down the canal on the right – San Simeone Piccolo
    • Under the Ponte degli Scalzi
  • Riva da Biasio
  • Ca’ San Marcuola. – next to unfinished Church of San Marcuola
    • Up the canal on the right – The Turkish Exchange (Gray building)
    • Up the canal on the left – Casino
    • White plaque commemorating composer Ricard Wagner who died there
  • San Stae
    • Up the canal on the right – Ca’ Pesaro – Facade is on the side also, most are only on the front. Houses modern paintings
  • Ca’ d’Oro
    • Art
    • Up the canal on the left – the Fish Market
  • Mercato Rialto
    • Open air market and fish market
    • Up the canal around the bend – Ponte Rialto
  • Rialto Bridge
    • Commercial district – only area with sidewalks on the canal
    • Up the canal – 2 palaces with arched windows that are now civic buildings (city hall and mayors office)
  • San Silvestro
    • Merchants’ Palaces – the bottom story was where they conducted business, the upper levels where they lived
  • Sant’Angelo
    • Boat posts painted in family colors
  • San Toma
    • Up the canal on the right – Palazzo Balbi. 3 flags – Italy, EU, Venice
    • Up the canal on the right down another canal – Fire Station
    • Up the canal on the right – Ca’ Foscari. Main building of University of Venice
  • Ca’ Rezzonico
    • Galleria Ca’ Rezzonico
    • Across the canal – Palazzo Grassi
  • Accademia
    • Accademia ../../gallery/
    • Bridge
    • Up the canal on the right – Guggenheim Museum, former home of Peggy Guggenheim
  • Santa Maria del Giglio
    • Across the canal – Palazzo Dario – funnel shaped chimineys
    • Across the canal – Salviati Building (mosaics)
    • Up the canal on the left – Gritti Palace Hotel
  • Salute
    • La Salute
    • Up the canal – Customs House and Art Museum
  • San Marco
    • Harry’s Bar
    • Campanile
    • San Marco Basillica
    • Doge’s Palace
    • Bridge of Sighs
    • Across the water – San Giorgio Maggiore and Giudecca
  • San Zaccaria
    • End of the line

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