Middle Age Fishing Village of San Juan

Mount Ulia trail near the Faro de la Plata (Silver Lighthouse)

Pasajes San Juan/Donibane, Basque Country, Spain

Picturesque buildings in the main square in San Juan

Picturesque buildings in the main square in San Juan

San Juan middle age fishing village

San Juan middle age fishing village

Pasajes San Juan, known as Donibane in Basque, is a small traditional Basque village located in the bay of Pasajes. With one tiny main street, the village is famous for its architecture of old houses overlooking the water, including one where Victor Hugo lived.

San Juan was the destination for our hike around Mt. Ulia from San Sebastian in our Week in Pintxo Paradise. A terrific hike through shady glens that open up to stunning views of the coast, it took longer than expected as the trail got rougher around the mountain. The trail is also one of the Camino de Santiago routes, along the way we met several pilgrims with a scallop shell on their packs, hiking the trail on their way to Santiago de Compostela. When we got to the extremely steep stone staircase leading from the trail down to the bay we really felt for the pilgrims with their heavy packs who hiked UP.

Down the steep stairs, the walk around the bay leads to Pasai San Pedro where a little ferry boat shuttles everyone across to the old fishing village of San Juan. A relaxing stop at a cafe for refreshment and it was time to hike back…WHAT? Heck no, we took the bus.

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